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Delhi Generators offer diesel generating sets, which are available in silent / non silent mode, single phase / three phases. These are robust in designs and construction and are manufactured ensuring low operational cost and noise level

Kirloskar Generators

Silent DG Set  comprising of Kirloskar Oil Engines Make Diesel Engine  , model acc. To size ,  2 to 12 Cylinder developing  17 to 800    BHP AT 1500 RPM, Water/Air Cooled, vertical totally enclosed, electric start, compression ignition, 4 Stroke, designed to run continuously at 1500 RPM.

Standard complete with :

   Radiator Cooling
   Radiator fan with guard
   Flywheel with starter ring
   Dry type air cleaner
   Vacuum Indicator
   Mechanical Governor
   Exhaust Silencer
   Exhaust Gas driven Turbocharger (only in TC engines)
   Fuel filter
   Inline fuel pump
   Water Pump
   Lub Oil Filter
   Lub Oil Pump
   12 V electric start system complete with starter, battery charging alternator
   Engine control panel consisting of starting key switch, lub oil pressure gauge, ammeter
   Safety shut down system for Low Lube oil pressure & High coolant temperature
   Engine maintenance manual with spare parts list.
   Oil change period every 400 hrs. instead of 250 hrs. (with K-oil)


Alternator KIRLOSKAR GREEN Make at our option rated for 15 to 750 KVA, Self excited, self regulated, three phase, 50 c/s 1500 RPM, screen protected, drip proof conforming of Kirloskar Green make.


The Panel will be equipped as follows :-
•   Miniature circuit breaker/Isolator of suitable rating
•   One ammeter with selector switch
•   One voltmeter with selector switch
•   Instrument fuses
•   Pilot lamps for ‘Load On’ and “Set Running”
•   Incoming & outgoing terminals.


*  One no base frame of sturdy design
*  One no fuel tank.
*  Battery leads.

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